American author, philanthropist and humanitarian Oscar Auliq-Ice once said that honesty is appreciated, respect is earned, trust is gained, loyalty is returned. We believe that honesty in a company is as valuable as honesty in a person. It is important for an individual to have trust and respect in a company that they deal with.

The foundations of Wikiwiki Triathlon are built on the principles of being fair, truthful and morally upright, therefore our members can rest assured that they are dealing with a company which believes honesty underpins every successful relationship.



Honesty is the act of saying the truth whenever you are asked for it, while openness is the habit of saying the truth without being asked for it.

Wikiwiki Triathlon guarantees that our coaches never overstate their abilities, they understand their limitations as coaches and are dedicated to developing their professional competency. Wikiwiki Triathlon members can feel safe in the knowledge that any group session, guest training session, advice, tips and information has been well-prepared, scrutinised and falls within the remit of the qualifications that are possessed by the specific coach.

At this point, Wikiwiki Triathlon is offering training sessions that are designed to imitate a local triathlon club session. At this time, Wikiwiki Triathlon coaches are not offering 1 to 1 coaching advice or individual training plans, however an individual can use the group coaching sessions, guest training sessions, advice, tips and information to complement and develop their own training to improve their performance.



An article by Prudy Gourguechon, published on Forbes.com, states that empathy is essential for competent leadership.

Wikiwiki Triathlon was created to provide accessible coaching sessions that individuals could execute at a venue and time that is convenient to them. Wikiwiki Triathlon was also created to provide a club-like membership, which is void of internal club politics, bureaucracy and discrimination, which is often prevalent in sport.

Founders and coaches Rob and Loren have experienced first-hand the ugly side of sport. Rob is a visually impaired athlete who has dealt with the effects of being disabled from a young age. Together with Loren as his guide athlete, their transition into paratriathlon has been made difficult by the discrimination that still exists towards minority groups. As athletes, coaches and business owners, Rob and Loren draw upon their negative experiences from everyday life and in sport to empathise with other people who have also been the victims of similar negative experiences.

Our sessions are designed to be accessible to everyone and to be executed at a place and time that suits the individual. Wikiwiki Triathlon will actively seek new ways to ensure all members feel included and catered for where possible. We are open to suggestions from members about improving service provision, because we understand the impact on an individual who experiences isolation and discrimination and we are committed to ensuring no-one feels that way.



Respect is feeling admiration for someone because of good qualities, abilities, or achievements. Respect is simply accepting people as they are, regardless of situations and personal beliefs. Showing respect means focusing on the needs of others.

Wikiwiki Triathlon is committed to treating every member with respect, notwithstanding experience, both in life and triathlon, physical and mental ability, age, gender, disability, sex, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation or social status. To ensure respect is upheld in all areas of our business, Wikiwiki Triathlon has appointed a Director of Forum Communications, and her responsibility is to ensure that members comply with our core values, namely respect. Any member who violates this core value will have their membership revoked.

For Wikiwiki Triathlon, respect represents our duty of care to the development and success of our members. The respect from Wikiwiki Triathlon is extended to every individual, whether you are a past, present or future member.



A business needs courage. The courage to create tradition-defying ideas. The courage to make unpopular decisions. The courage to persevere even after being knocked down.

Wikiwiki Triathlon believes whole-heartedly that the creation of an online membership community of triathletes all over the world has the potential to make the sport of triathlon more accessible, more inclusive and more inspirational to more people globally. Wikiwiki Triathlon has had the courage to step away from the tradition of catering solely to individuals and charging a premium for this service, and instead focuses on ensuring no matter where you are in the world, or what your ability is, you can access as much information as possible to help you achieve your goals for a smaller annual fee.

Wikiwiki Triathlon promises that in return for the support of our members, we will continue to persevere in the pursuit of our dreams, have the courage to overcome obstacles and we will all give each other the courage to do the same in the pursuit of our own aspirations